Q. What are the risks of not cleaning and validating my email lists?
A.  As time passes, email addresses become invalid, emails bounce back, and non-responders pile up. If you’re not careful, ISPs may see this as harmful and flag you as a spammer. A low quality email list is harmful, if left unchecked, the result can be disastrous and reflect negatively on your brand and business.

Q. We’re considering using your service but we’re concerned about the confidentiality of our lists.
A. Unlike other services, at MyCleanList.com, Email Cleaning and Validation is all we do. We are not in the business of buying/selling email lists. Your continued business is extremely important to us and your email lists are strictly confidential and are not shared. We’ve been offering list-related services since 2000. During this time, we have been entrusted with over 1000 customers or more on a recurring basis, never mind the hundreds of thousands of smaller lists so far. We have probably already been exposed to at least 75% of the addresses on your list through one of our other clients. Many Fortune 1000 companies use our Cleaning and Validation Services. Our reputation in the industry and your continued business as a client is so much more valuable than what any single list could be worth to us. We would be more than happy to sign and return a nondisclosure agreement. If you would like a non disclosure agreement signed, please email it to [email protected] You can trust us, Your data is 100% secure with us.

Q. In what format do we need to send our data?
A. We accetp the database in excel, CSV, Txt formats. You need to upload your list from http://www.mycleanlist.com/send-file/ if your file size is up to 5 MB. Otherwise please send us your file directly to [email protected] mentioning your order number or Invoice number or Paypal transactional ID. Please send file only after finishing the payment otherwise your file will not be considered.

Q. How many times can I send my files?
A. You can send your file 1 time per order. e.g if you have ordered 100,000 email list cleaning then you can send us 5 files but submission of all 5 files should be in single submission. You can not split it to multiple submissions.

Q. Do you clean Major ISP email IDs also like yahoo, gmail, AOL?
A. Yes we do. We have MTA validating technology with gray listing technique and using the technology we cleanup all the major ISP email lists. As all knows Major ISP’s email verification is very much hard and they keep changing their algorithms so sometimes our system can not verify them at 100% accuracy but the results would be satisfactory.

Q. Can you give us any reference who are using your service?
A. All the clients are not using 100% genuine database and they might purchase the database and cleanup the database and use for email marketing and they do not want us to reveal their any information ( neither you will want us to do so once you’re our client ). So we do not reveal their identity as per our policy.

Q. What are Spam Bots and Spam Traps.
A. Spam bots and Spam traps are normal look like email addresses might be in your address that monitor for non opt-in emails and if you send emails to them, they can blacklist your sender IP and reduce the emailing performance.

Q. What is Spamhaus.org, Spamcop, DNSBL, SORBS, etc.?
A. Those sites are Anti Spam organizations and they keep watch on the emailing to stop spamming using their spamtraps into your email lists. Majority downloaded emails list or purchased lists have spamtraps from these organizations.Also by getting complaints from such organizations, your data center may shut down your server and terminate you.

Q. Do you scrub lists as per our requirement?
A. Yes we do scrub the list as per client requirement at no additional cost. You can write down your special instruction while ordering.But we do not manage email lists. So we just cleanup the lists, we do not manage any other fields on the file.

Q. Why don’t you provide Online service I am afraid to send my list for security reasons ?
A. First of all Your database is 100% Secure with us. As we mentioned earlier we do not sell or rent email addresses and we remove cleaned email addresses from our system within 24 hours of delivery to client.Second thing, We do not provide online service because we do 12 steps to cleanup the email lists. All the steps are almost impossible to provide online. Another thing is we compare the list through almost 100 Million data ( Spam Traps, Honeypots, Disposable emails etc..) and is we provide such service online then it will take years to cleanup the database. That’s the reason we do not provide online service.

Q. I have lot of Yahoo and Hotmail emails in my list, Can you cleanup those emails?
A.  Yes we do cleanup ISP emails but we can not guarantee 100% correct results on them, Please read Yahoo & Hotmail Validation for the same.

Q. I have Email list with multiple columns, So Do you process the list with Multiple Columns?
A.  Yes we do. We will return your cleaned file with additional field of Status, which will show the validation of particular email address. But we accept maximum 10 columns with single email data column only.

Q. I ordered email list cleaning but I did not get my clean file in given time-frame.
A.  Generally we complete all the orders on or before time frame. If you have not received the email with your clean file please login to your account ( Click Here ) and follow the steps showing in this video.If order is completed but somehow you did not receive the email then you can check your messages from your panel. Still we would request you to add [email protected] to your address book so none of our emails will go to your spam box.